• Three Girls And Dubai

    I was partially expecting this, but I was still shocked, when these two suddenly rang the door bell one evening, after I did all my chores and cleaned my nails.… Read More

  • Brighton (a.k.a. South England Part II)

    I made an entirely separate post for BRIGHTON, U.K. — my most favorite Town in all of England! I’ve said it countless of times but I can’t say it enough.… Read More

  • Je Suis Là

    I’m here. Just in case you were wondering. I haven’t been around (blog-wise) much, even if I wanted to. There were a couple of things I was sorting out (emotionally… Read More


Sun Sign : Cancer, Moon Sign : Aquarius, a former INFP (early 2015), turned INFJ-T (mid 2015), turned INFP-T (end of 2015), and now an INFJ-T (2017). Sorted into Ravenclaw in 2009. I believe that covers everything. No? Okay, you've earned it. I'll let you hand me the Microphone HERE.


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