• My Ombré Lips

    I’ve been doing the Ombré lips for a few months now but it took awhile before I felt totally satisfied with how the colours blended on my lips. Late last… Read More

  • Feature : Nada Al Nahdi

    If I’m being honest, as much as I try not to read Nada’s (much more known to me as Lexy) blog because I’m afraid to get bitten by the Travel… Read More

  • Denim, Lace, and Magic Hour

    A few self-portraits I took last week, feel like sharing it here too. It’s all over my social media accounts, hrhr. Making the most out of days I feel pretty. Read More

  • A Little Fringe Don’t Hurt Nobody

    I was totally feeling myself one afternoon after work, and I decide to take photos! Read More

  • Bon Jovi + No Doubt Sang About This

    I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing, I don’t know if I’m saying the right things either. But I’m going to say them anyway, because I’ve kept these… Read More

  • My Truth On Depression

    Suicide is such a “tricky” thing. I should know. We did not choose to be born, life doesn’t come with a manual, and it is so hard, in general —… Read More

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Sun Sign : Cancer, Moon Sign : Aquarius, a former INFP (early 2015), turned INFJ-T (mid 2015), turned INFP-T (end of 2015), and now an INFJ-T (2017). Sorted into Ravenclaw in 2009. I believe that covers everything. No? Okay, you've earned it. I'll let you hand me the Microphone HERE.

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