• My Ombré Lips

    I’ve been doing the Ombré lips for a few months now but it took awhile before I felt totally satisfied with how the colours blended on my lips. Late last… Read More

  • Glossier Haul : Review and Swatches

    My first Glossier Haul was back in November 2016. It was because of Kat Dennings’s and Martine Cajucom’s posts that got me so curious, and I’m glad I took the… Read More

  • Kylie Lip Kit Haul : Review + Swatches.01

    I honestly didn’t want to get into this whole thing. “This whole thing”, meaning the Kylie Lip Kit craze. Thinking about it now, it was definitely just my defense mechanism, considering… Read More

  • May Lipstick Haul : Review + Swatches

    Let this be known as the Inglot edition! I’ve always liked Inglot because they’re reasonably priced, and the quality, mmm-mmm! I usually stock up on their Freedom Palettes, because choosing… Read More

  • April Lipstick Haul : Review + Swatches

    This is long overdue! And despite this post’s title, some of these lippies were bought earlier than April. So excited to be doing this again. I’m no expert, obviously —… Read More

  • My Favourite No-Fuss Skincare Products

    Ever since my bank account went on a diet, I’ve stuck with the most basic of all basic products to take care of my skin. And I’m glad I did,… Read More


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