My Ombré Lips

I’ve been doing the Ombré lips for a few months now but it took awhile before I felt totally satisfied with how the colours blended on my lips.

Late last month, I finally got it!

I hope you all cut me some slack because you all know I’m not a Beauty Blogger in any way! I mustered so much courage to be able to do this, at the same time, so nonchalant, because I didn’t even bother putting on foundation (I’ve been foundation-free for a year now … more, I think), didn’t even apply darker eyeshadow, didn’t even do my hair, none of that.

I was simply in the mood to shoot a video and share the way I do the Ombré so I seized the moment. Carpe fucking … moment…o.

I used Anastasia Beverly Hills’s Matte Lipstick in KISS, Mac in RIOT HOUSE, and Nars Audacious in AUDREY. Definitely my current make-up kit staples!

Also — yes I’m aware, that IS A LIPSTICK STAIN ON MY TOOTH AT THE END OF THE VIDEO (before the Bloopers!) — told you, DEFINITELY NONCHALANT, lel.

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