• AAAHHH!!! Keannu made my heartbeat stop! Read More

  • It’s nice when old friends show up…:) i have this kababata, call him Caloi…he texted once, asking how i was…the last time we saw each other was last year… and… Read More

  • i think girls are more mature than boys… i mean, probably i’m not speaking in general, but based on experience, gurls tend to be MORE open-minded than boys, more mature… Read More

  • this is soooo weird…i mean, instead of…being bitter and all that, sometimes, before i go to sleep (which is about 5 AM,) i usually…like…think about what Ja and i have… Read More

  • i think i got it all pretty figured out…i think… like i said, things could change… if it did, it still could… and since, we’re still young, there are so… Read More

  • DO YOU KNOW WHAT TODAY IS? MAY 2! we should’ve been a year and nine months… and i even dreamt of him this morning…is it a sign, or..what? a year… Read More


Sun Sign : Cancer, Moon Sign : Aquarius, a former INFP (early 2015), turned INFJ-T (mid 2015), turned INFP-T (end of 2015), and now an INFJ-T (2017). Sorted into Ravenclaw in 2009. I believe that covers everything. No? Okay, you've earned it. I'll let you hand me the Microphone HERE.


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