• there…. new info on abbie… 😀 Read More

  • Beer or rootbeer: I’d like a glass of evian,thank you! Seriously, ROOTBEER..LOOVE it.. Japanese or Chinese food: who doesn’t love Japanese?mmm…SUSHI… Pizza or burgers: BOTH! Chocolate or vanilla: well,I’d like… Read More

  • Lance, cool…spanish, eh? well u know that i’m kinda learning how to speak french..haven’t really started yet…but i’m willing to… this may i’ll be having driving lessons… 🙂 WAH! i… Read More

  • AM I OKAY? i don’t think so! not until i get my laptop back… 😉 I WANT IT NOW!!hehe…and i wanna get an iPod,too….oohhhh….. 🙂 Read More

  • my life in Jeddah wasn’t like this. I had the best High school life, great friends, a great guy…a great life. i miss my room… my parents….the food…i had it… Read More

  • This is the worst summer – EVER. i feel so ugly, i can’t always eat the food that i want, even if the A.C.’s on, it’s so freakin’ hot, there’s… Read More


Sun Sign : Cancer, Moon Sign : Aquarius, a former INFP (early 2015), turned INFJ-T (mid 2015), turned INFP-T (end of 2015), and now an INFJ-T (2017). Sorted into Ravenclaw in 2009. I believe that covers everything. No? Okay, you've earned it. I'll let you hand me the Microphone HERE.


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