• OMG! it’s AU REVOIR, not AU REVOUIR! esh? what was i thinkin? Read More

  • BONJOUR! COMMENT ALLEZ-VOUS? okay…so this is my second…i have another one, but it’s like..meant for ME…duh…like, why did i make that one for? you’re probably guessing what Le Maquette means,… Read More

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Sun Sign : Cancer, Moon Sign : Aquarius, a former INFP (early 2015), turned INFJ-T (mid 2015), turned INFP-T (end of 2015), and now an INFJ-T (2017). Sorted into Ravenclaw in 2009. I believe that covers everything. No? Okay, you've earned it. I'll let you hand me the Microphone HERE.


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