• Glossier Haul : Review and Swatches

    My first Glossier Haul was back in November 2016. It was because of Kat Dennings’s and Martine Cajucom’s posts that got me so curious, and I’m glad I took the… Read More

  • Middle East Film & Comic Con 2017 (MEFCC) : Day 2

    Got the 3-day VIP pass to this year’s ComicCon because I am hyped AF and it’s my first time attending a ComicCon LIKE THIS. Wish I had time to prepare… Read More

  • Dubai Photodump : January to March 2017

    Basically, this is us catching up with each other after we’ve left off here. These are photos I took (and some, my friends took) within the past 3 months (most… Read More

  • A Pet’s Passport To The UAE

    In Blog Form, that is. Not a lot of (updated) helpful posts on this, so I figured I should share our experience when we exported Gringo, our 13 year old… Read More

  • Sikka 2017

    After all these years, I finally meet my love, Osan – who is responsible for gifting the world with this amazing book. She is the sole reason I went to… Read More

  • My Dubai : Al Serkal Avenue

    I won’t forget the first time Tin took me to Al Serkal. I heard about it because my Love, Osan, was promoting her boyfriend Cholo’s exhibit at one of the… Read More


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